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Top 5 Ways RPM Can Boost Patient & Doctor Satisfaction

May 11, 2016


The introduction of technology into healthcare over the past several years promised a revolution. The revolution has not been as swift and seamless as many would like but many of the early promises technology offered are finally being realized.

As doctors are becoming more comfortable using the technology and as the technology improves and provides clinically relevant data, offerings like Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) are benefits for both doctors and patients.

Check out the Top 5 ways RPM can boost patient and doctor satisfaction:



1. Reduces out-of-the-way inconveniences

Doctors need to monitor daily vitals of certain patient populations, but an in person appointment isn’t necessary unless something is outside the norm.  This adds commute times, costs, time off work for patients and doctors’ waiting offices are unnecessarily crowded with non critical appointments.


2. Easier, more constant communication with provider

With a holistic chronic care management application, providers are able to not only offer RPM of chronic diseases, but an entire administrative suite within the palm of their patients hand. Scheduling appointments, staff text messaging, pharmacy locator and refill requests, and palm-of-your-hand EHR access are just a few features available today to make the patient experience with your practice seamless.


3. Peace of mind regarding high-risk vitals

For the first time in history, it’s on the side of the clinician to alert the patient that they think they should be seen. With immediate notification of high risk behavior, patients can feel secure knowing that their care is being watched after elsewhere, so they don’t have to be the ones to notify the clinician. And clinicians have the control to use their intuition and experience to alert patients when reviewing daily vitals. 


4. Care information seamlessly sent between departments

No need for patients to request information from their clinician separately, as now all patient history is available to be sent immediately between departments. Clinicians have access to all relevant medical data and can share and confer with colleagues. 


5. Additional health resources for constant recovery

Doctor curated PDF’s, videos, recipes, lifestyle advice, all to empower patients to better themselves outside of their daily check-ins. Doctors can rest assured knowing that the information their patients are receiving is trusted and proven.

At Sensely we provide solutions that improve clinical workflow and patient satisfaction. If you would like additional information on how our solutions can help solve your specific issues, please contact us today.

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