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Infograph: Patients Demanding Better Mobile Experience

April 21, 2016

Imagine a world where patients receive the appropriate care, in an empathetic timely manner at the right price. That is the promise of patient centered healthcare. And to date, that promise remains unfulfilled. Hospitals and healthcare systems around the world have tried to fulfill said promise by wading into the mobile technology space. Mobile health app usage has grown tremendously in recent years and more than half of health consumers (54 percent) would like to use their mobile devices more to interact with healthcare providers. Providers that do not meet consumers’ growing desire for mobile patient engagement are at risk of losing customers – and revenue.

Where the healthcare industry is experiencing difficulties is in what’s known as “liquid expectations.” Patients and consumers are used to a certain level of engagement and experience, from other industries and expect a spillover effect. Since healthcare has not typically been seen as a customer experience in the way of other industries like ridesharing, transportation, hospitality and financial services, the level of engagement and experience has not been as good as it could be.

Accenture research shows that approximately 7 percent of patients have switched healthcare providers due to poor customer experience. According to Accenture analysis, this switching could translate to a loss of more than $100 million in annual revenue per hospital. As consumers bring their service expectations from other industries into healthcare, providers are likely to see higher switching rates, on par with the mobile phone industry (9 percent), cable TV providers (11 percent) or even retail (30 percent).

The use of mobile technology and using an app is not enough in the healthcare space. Providers must use the large amounts of data and institutional knowledge acquired regarding its customer base to provide the highest level of service and experience. Access and engagement to the appropriate care in a seamless manner is crucial. The ability to have records and histories compiled, organized and interpreted easily across a variety of providers is the where healthcare needs to be.

At Sensely, we believe that world-class healthcare should be accessible to all. Our mission is to make delivery of care seamless, and augment existing infrastructure to alleviate the stress on current health systems. Our mobile first platform, provides a virtual nurse, that guides patients through the initial triage process. Using advanced machine learning and a clinical hub connection, patients are either directed to a live clinician, a GP appointment schedule, clinical services locator, or access to medical information and advice. All while maintaining communication with clinicians through electronic health record integration. With the Sensely suite of products, patients and clinicians are part of an ecosystem that includes appropriate and empathetic care delivery, with enhanced clinical services eliminating wasted time and resources.


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